The Whitehouse - Underfloor Heating

An exclusive development of 12 flats in Watergate Bay, Newquay. We supplied and installed our own high specification underfloor heating systems allowing each flat to benefit from hidden energy efficient heating.

Underfloor Heating

Choose energy-efficient heating
that compliments a lower temperature heat source

Underfloor heating works on the basic principle of pumping warm water through pipes embedded in the floor. The subsequent effect provides a comfortable radiant heat, which will provide sufficient warmth on the coldest winter’s day, with no need for supplementary heating.

Individual room thermostats control the temperature in every room, as desired. We’re able to offer a complete range of thermostatic control options, from a basic rotary dial to an intelligent, fully programmable thermostat giving very precise levels of time & temperature control.

As part of our complete package, you’ll receive high quality components, accompanied with a full system design including installation manuals and a bespoke CAD drawing indicating the pipe work layout and all electrical connections.

With a range of systems designed to suit all types of properties, whether a new build or renovation, domestic or commercial. We can provide you with a tailored solution to your specific requirements.

Key features & benefits:

  • More efficient and cost effective: underfloor heating has been proven by independent research to be a more efficient and cost effective alternative to conventional radiators.
  • Comfort: radiant heat will provide the highest levels of comfort, whilst maintaining an even temperature throughout.
  • Levels of control: each and every room can be thermostatically controlled, ensuring maximum efficiency and a reduction in your energy consumption.
  • Discreet: with no need for wall mounted emitters, there is less restriction on placing furniture within a room.


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How this system works

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