Rainwater Harvesting

Reduce your reliance on mains water

Rainwater harvesting involves collecting rain from your roof tops then sending it down the guttering pipes to an underground storage tank buried within your garden.

The rainwater will first be filtered, and then an efficient submersible pump (which sits within the storage tank) will deliver the water (via a floating suction filter) back to the toilets, washing machine and garden taps. This could save you over 50% of your total water usage.

The pressure hose and any cables are ducted to the house through a sleeved pipe, any excess water from inside the tanks will discharge through a trapped overflow.

All our rain harvesting systems are compliant with current water regulations.

Key features & benefits:

  • Saves mains water: thus saving on your water bills by up to 50% of mains use.
  • Wide range of applications: rainwater can be re-used for flushing toilets, washing machines and garden taps.
  • Ideal for remote locations: provides an alternative to mains supply of water in remote areas.





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How this system works

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