We're hoping to begin work on our new office and showroom building in Threemilestone. It'll be great to have a working showroom where customers can come and see the products in the flesh and we can show them how quiet and warm our heat pumps are as well as all the other technologies we install. Watch this space! 


Simon Annear Plumbing and Heating are geared up to start on site with 6 new luxury houses and the conversion of an old listed school building into another 3 high end dwellings. More than half of the first fix needs to be finished before Xmas 2016, that should keep the boys out of mischief for a few weeks! 


We have a nice run of ground source heat pump installations coming to fruition lately where we'll be installing the new Vaillant Flexotherm heat pump. We are proud to say that earlier this year we fitted the very first one in the UK and we, and the customer, have been delighted with it. Incredible performance and efficiency figures, fantastic hot water performance, quiet as a mouse and all backed up with our 7 year Vaillant parts and labour warranty - lovely job! 


We can now offer 10 month interest free finance on replacement boilers and new gas and oil heating systems. Call us on 01872 271953 for more info or to arrange a free, no obligation quotation.


Is your existing gas or oil boiler getting old? Is it becoming unreliable and costing you money? A new boiler will give you peace of mind and, will cost less to run. We are now supplying and installing new Worcester Bosch gas and oil boilers from as little as 1,395 + VAT. Further to this, because we are an accredited Worcester Bosch installer, the boiler will carry a comprehensive parts and labour warranty of up to 10 years, can't be bad! A survey is free, so give us a call and we'll be happy to come and see you to produce a no obligation quotation.

THE GRAND SHOWROOM OPENING DAY - Saturday the 18th of April

Saturday the 18th of April is the grand opening of the new renewables energy showrooms at Kernow fires in Wadebridge. Our partnership with Kernow fires to launch 'Kernow Biomass Ltd' is growing from strength to strength and we'd love to welcome you along to meet the team and show you all of the products and services we offer between us. We are also having a trade day on Friday the 17th for builders, architects and plumbers who would like to learn more. We hope to see you there!

Simon Annear Plumbing & Heating join forces with Vaillant

Vaillant's latest Arotherm air source heat pump comes with some very nice features as well as a fully supported 7 year parts and labour warranty which matches the term of the domestic RHI. We really like the product and with a warranty like that and proper support and back up from the manufacturer, we can see ourselves fitting lots more of these in 2015 and beyond! 

Happy New Year 2015!

After a very busy 2014 we are very pleased to announce our new showroom in partnership with Kernow Fires in Wadebridge. Our relationship is predominately for Biomass installations whereby we specialise in the plumbing and MCS side of the installation and Kernow Fires do what they do best with the flue and fuel storage. The showroom in Wadebridge has a fully working biomass system so you can see how everything works/fits together. We aim to have one of our staff there at least one day a week so if you would to come along and see for yourself how much money you could save/earn by installing renewable technology (including biomass, air and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV), please call to arrange an appointment.

Spring/Summer 2014 - we're so busy we've not had time to update this website for too long! 

We have had a brilliant start to the year with some very nice projects underway, several more ready to start and some new ones we hope to secure. The RHI is now live so there is a real incentive for renewable technologies to be chosen over traditional heating and hot water systems. We plan to be spending more time updating the website and spreading the word of heat pumps, solar, biomass, underfloor heating and rainwater harvesting throughout Cornwall. Call us if you have any questions!

March 2013 - Simon Annear Plumbing & Heating partner with UK leading renewables specialist

Having installed products from their range before, we have been chosen as Cornwalls installer partner for Solfex Energy Systems. Solfex are the UK's fastest growing renewable technology supplier and they are keen to work with installers like us to help provide high quality, affordable products to help customers reduce their energy bills. Their range includes solar thermal, solar PV and air source heat pumps. ecoEnergies have so far used Solfex solar thermal products but Solfex are keen for us to try them on their other offerings too! 

February 2013 - New contract, Feock

We have won the contract to install multiple renewable technologies in another fantastic property in Feock. The installation will include an air source heat pump with our own heat pump designed underfloor heating system, a 2 panel ingrated solar thermal system and all first and second fix plumbing. We really are a one-stop-shop, keep an eye on our case studies for pictures!

January 2013 - Cornwall Home Show

We are booked to return to the Cornwall Home Show at Kingsley Village, Fraddon on the 27th and 28th of April - please come along and see us if you can!

August 2012 - new cafe and store at Sticker


We have been chosen to install and commission a ground source heat pump and underfloor heating at a development featuring a new cafe and store at Sticker. As the installation will qualify for payments under the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, the customer will enjoy payments roughly equalling the running cost of the heat pump, effectively meaning free heating and hot water.




July 2012 - Grampound with Creed School


We have been chosen to install a flat-plate solar thermal installation at Grampound with Creed School. Whilst the installation will make a valuable contribution to the school's hot water needs on a year-round basis, the installation will need to accommodate holiday periods. During periods when the panels are heated but no water is drawn off, there is a risk of panel stagnation. ecoEnergies solution will be to fit a heat dump. This allows excess, unused heat to be discharged, and the solar thermal system will be protected.


July 2012 - Tregew Farm

Simon Annear Plumbing & Heating will be designing and installing underfloor heating in this new-build. The system will be fully-zoned, and designed to operate on the lowest possible flow temperatures.  By keeping the operating temperature as low as possible, this will allow the greatest efficiencies from the ground source heat pump being installed in this property.

Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) - Phase 2 now launched

To encourage the take-up of domestic microgeneration, the government has made funds available to consumers in the form of vouchers that can be redeemed for cash.

For qualifying products installed by MCS-accredited installers like ecoEnergies, the homeowner will receive a tax-free sum following installation and registration of the system.

The products covered include solar thermal, ground and air source heat pumps, with the following amounts available;


Voucher Value

Solar thermal


Air to water heat pumps


Ground source heat pumps


This scheme will run until 31st March 2013, subject to available funding. Once the funds are exhausted, no further applications will be accepted.

If you are considering one of these technologies, simply call ecoEnergies on 01208 264 786 to find out how you can best incorporate the most suitable product.

For further useful information on the RHPP, please visit the Energy Saving Trust's website:


Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

As well as receiving post-installation payments following installations, qualifying installations may also generate regular income for the homeowner. These payments will be based on the heat generated by the technology installed.

A government consultation is planned for September 2012, with roll-out of the RHI planned for summer 2013.

It is worth noting that presently there is no guarantee that installations that qualify for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment will also qualify for the RHI. It is also unclear whether air source heat pumps will be included: a lack of historical performance data means it is difficult to set the tariff rate.

Important News for Commercial Customers: The Commercial RHI is already in force, so any qualifying installations will see immediate cash benefits. To find out how ecoEnergies can help you select the most appropriate solution for your needs, whether domestic or commercial, simply call us on 01208 264 786.

For the most up-to-date information on the RHI, please visit the Energy Saving Trust's website;


Green Deal coming - renewables qualify

The Green Deal, which has grown out of the Energy Act of 2011, allows homeowners to improve the quality of their homes using various measures. Although customers can part-fund these improvements from their own resources, the scheme is primarily aimed at supporting lower-to-middle income households and those in fuel poverty.

As approx. 27% of UK carbon emissions come from existing housing stock, it makes sense to improve the energy-efficiency of existing buildings as well as incentivising owners of new/recent buildings by such means as the Renewable Heat Premium Payments and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The scheme works by making funds available for any improvements highlighted following a visit from a Green Deal Assessor. This "loan" is repaid by additions to the customer's electricity bill. The Golden Rule states that the repayments must not exceed the likely savings in energy costs.

The government has issued a list of qualifying improvement measures that include insulation, double-glazing and low-energy lighting, as well as Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaics and Heat Pumps.

It is not expected that the first Green Deal installations can be completed until early 2013, due to the registration and certification steps that need to be taken by all parties.

For more information on the Green Deal, try the following sites;


 Discreet solar thermal near Padstow

ecoEnergies has been chosen to supply, install and commission a solar thermal system near Padstow. The customer was concerned to find a system that matched his rooflights, meaning we had to choose a system that would be mounted in-roof. The Worcester Bosch Solar Lifestyle system provided the ideal solution, as the flashing kit that comes with the system means it can be mounted in-roof in the same way as the Velux rooflights on the same elevation.

As well as a system with the desired aesthics, the customer will benefit from ecoEnergies' MCS-accreditation for solar thermal installations. When the system is commissioned, he will qualify for a 300 pound cash-back under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment, with the potential for ongoing tariff payments from next year, when the Renewable Heat Incentive will begin.

For more information on the RHPP and the RHI, please visit




New-build, Truro

A stunning new-build in Truro will feature a wide-range of ecoEnergies technologies.

ecoEnergies has been chosen to install a range of renewable technologies to a new-build.

Occupying a prominent position above Truro, this is one of the city's most prestigious domestic new-builds for many years.

With an emphasis on low energy costs and reduced carbon-footprint, this property is designed to Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, and will feature Solar Thermal hot water heating, Solar Photovoltaic electricity generation, efficient underfloor heating and efficient water management through the use of a rainwater harvesting system.

As well as supplying and installing all technologies, ecoEnergies will provide a complete plumbing solution.




Complete Refurbishment and upgrade - Perranporth

The customer wanted to upgrade and modernise his home. Currently working closely with the main contractor, ecoEnergiesUK are supplying multiple renewable technologies, PLUS a complete plumbing and electrical installation, plant room and liquid screed for the ground floor.

The customer chose a field-mounted 4kW Hyundai solar photovoltaic system, mounted away from the house in an unobtrusive location. Heating and domestic hot water will be provided by a 12kW Kensa heat pump and boreholes. Domestic hot water generation will be supplemented by a Worcester Bosch Solr-Lux 12-tube evacuated panel system, with both the heat pump and the solar panel supplying a Gledhill Stainless-Lite 300 litre hot water cylinder.

ecoEnergiesUK's underfloor heating will be installed in the liquid screed on the ground-floor, with the first-floor pipe installed from below to minimise disturbance to the existing floor.

This contract demonstrates ecoEnergiesUK's ability to supply a wide range of products and services, giving the customer a complete solution and the peace of mind of a single-contracting point.


1st February 2012 - Revisions to Feed-in-Tariffs for Solar Photovoltaics installation.

Read below for up-to-date news

On January 25th, the Government lost its appeal against the Court ruling in December that its proposals to change the FiT tariff rates for solar PV were unlawful. However, the Government is now seeking leave to appeal to the higher level, the Supreme Court. They have 28 days from the judgment on 25 January 2012 to apply. It is not known whether the Government will be granted leave to appeal nor how long it will take for them to find out.

This means that the Government cannot legislate to apply new tariffs from 1 April 2012 to installations that took place between 12 December 2011 and before 2 March 2012. The Government did however lay legislation to reduce the tariff for new installations in Parliament on 19 January 2012. It will come into effect on 3 March 2012 and will apply to all installations with an eligibility date on or after this date. What this means is that any installation that takes place between 3 and 31 March will receive 43.3p/kWh in respect of generation until 31 March 2012 and 21p in respect of generation after 1 April 2012.

Until the outcome of the appeal is known, the Government cannot provide any certainty to consumers with installations that take place between 12 December 2011 and 2 March 2012. However, the Government has confirmed that these consumers will not receive a tariff lower than 21p (plus RPI index link) for 25 years.

It might be that a customer who installs between these dates will end up getting 43.3p/kWh for the whole 25 years but this is far from certain at the moment and this expectation must not be the basis for your decision to proceed.

Although the situation is currently not clear, we at ecoEnergiesUK firmly believe that a tariff of 21p/kWh still represents a good return on your investment. PLUS, remember you benefit from free electricity AND you get paid for any electricity generated but not used.

Speak to one of our team to find out how a Solar PV installation is a sound decision.


4th January 2012 -Eco Energies helps over 50 customers beat December FiT reduction deadline!

The team at Eco Energies is proud to announce that we completed over 50 installations in the 5-week run-up to the recent FiT reduction deadline.

Following the governments announcement at the end of October, we experienced high demand, but with the dedication and commitment of our staff, we were able to ensure all installations were completed and registered in time to ensure customers received the highest possible rate under the FiT scheme.

The dust having settled, we are now continuing with our usual more varied mix of business. As well as solar PV, this includes ground- and air-source heat pumps, solar thermal, underfloor heating and rainwater harvesting.



December 2012 -Primary school children see renewable benefits first-hand!

Eco Energies recently completed a 3.76kW Solar PV installation at Summercourt Community Primary School.

In order to maximise the south-facing roofspace, the installation was split into two arrays, each with 8 Bosch solar panels and each with a net system capacity of 1.88kW.

Each system has its own generation meter, giving the children two opportunities to observe the complete process of electricity generation, from seeing the roof-mounted panels to watching the meter record the generation of electricity.

These children are probably more aware than most of the benefits of renewable technologies!


December 2012 - Cornwall County Council commits to renewables on community buildings

Cornwall County commits to renewables on community buildings

Working with consultants H20K, Eco Energies completed the installation of 3 Bosch Solar PV systems on three community buildings during early December.

Driven by Cornwall County Council's urge to reduce it's operating costs and carbon emissions, the buildings are benefiting from generating their own electricity and also receiving payments under the Feed-in-Tariff programme.


1st November 2011 -Eco Energies offers customers the chance to view Solar PV installation

Eco Energies offers customers a chance to visit its offices at Bodmin and see electricity being generated in real time.

The 4kW Mitsubishi installation has been generating since July 2011, and has so far exceeded all expectations.

Anyone considering this exciting technology is welcome to come and view the installation; simply call the office first on 01208 264 786 to make sure one of our consultants will be on hand to show you around.

26th October 2011 - Eco Energies chosen to install energy-efficient package at The Walled Garden

Able to offer a wide range of renewable technologies, Eco Energies was the natural choice for the owner of The Walled Garden, who wanted to work with a company specialising in energy-efficient products.

With an air-source heat pump, solar thermal and underfloor heating chosen, Eco Energies were able to provide a complete supply and installation service.

Together with the high levels of insulation in the property, these technologies will help reduce energy consumption, energy cost and carbon emissions. 

The Walled Garden








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